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How to wrap FUROSHIKI

A FUROSHIKI is a square piece of cloth for bundling up various articles that one wishes to carry or store away.


  • Fold in half and knot each ends.
  • Knot the other side, too.
  • Finish!!


  • Fold in diagonal line and knot left and light ends.
  • Knot each top ends.

Watermelon wapping

  • Make shopping form and set in watermelon or ball.
  • One side knot lace into the other side knot.
  • Pull up knot tightly.

Shoulder bag

  • Fold in half.
  • Knot each ends, one side longer than another.
  • More one pair knot same way, too.
  • Knot each longer ends.
How to tie YUKATA OBI
It's easy to tie YUKATA OBI by yourself.
How to wear YUKATA
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