Affiliate program

Benefits to you
  1. Earn 2% ~ 10% on sales of our products
  2. Up to 14 days cookie duration
  3. Free sign-up
  4. Get your own discounts on our web site
Commission and payment

A PayPal account is necessary for our affiliate program, so if you haven't a PayPal account, please sign a register. »sign up to PayPal

A commission is fixed when 60 days after the purchase or we confirm arrival via EMS. Your commission rate increase with referral sales of recentry a month.

  1. Payment method: PayPal
  2. Payment threshold: $50.00
  3. Payment frequency: monthly
How to join
  1. Login to your Mrs. Fujiyama account and enable affiliate program. Don't have an account yet? Sign up for free!
  2. Copy your affiliate code on Affiliate setting page and paste your E-mail or web site.
  3. Start earning money!